Thursday, April 05, 2007

Berner Oberland and its King

Finally a long ski touring expedition saw us through during these last days of March. Weather got settled and we went off - ready to pay the Jungfraubahn price to penetrate the mistery of this threesome giants' story - Monch endlessly trying to ceduce the Jungfrau and Eiger curiously looking in a different direction with a scorny face.

The first day saw our optimistic plan of going up the Jungfau go down very quickly. We went up the Laumihorn col instead and down to the Konkordia crossing and hutte, as full of snow-excited tourists as possible. Second day saw us up the Gross Fiescherhorn, a pleasant strall, with a final possibility of two summits from the col (see pic below) - Gross or Hinter Fiescherhorn.

I opted for the first one and got the solo ascent of the last 50m of the arrete. That much for my revange on my failed solo attempt on Monch last year. The descent presented us with a beautiful view of our next day's objective, the king of the land - Finsteraahorn.

Finsteraahorn hutte prooved even more comfortable and clean - you would think it were a hotel if not the absence of any water around. The next day was harder for me although I did get to the top - last but not least. The last 200m of the arrete were exceptional - easy but breathtaking thanks to the constant reminders from the North face. Perfect summit, a nice descent and a long long sleep at the hut followed.

The last day we finished with a descent on Munster and a train ride through the Kandersteg tunnel to get back to our car in Spiez. Good trip - and so much more to do!

P.S. - a goat that greated us in Munster, a ghost town à la American Wild West, swiss style.


Michel said...

All these trip reports are making me jealous.

uasunflower said...

one of the reasons i moved here :)