Saturday, April 04, 2015

Riglos Fiesta

One more visit to the vertical land of Riglos proved a bit more successful almost 10 years later. I was in shape enough to go up the Fiesta de los Biceps and Directa on Visera and the Murciana on Pison, on the top of which we were greeted by Patagonia-force gales that made the first two rappels a proper nightmare. 

Otherwise all is well and unchanged in the tranquil pueblo of Riglos, although the routes are getting more chalk and polish every day, the big stones still stick out and refuse to bulge from the walls for the happiness of all climbers.

 Sunset over the towers

 Jonas following on the Murciana, great exposure and climbing

Myself of the Fiesta, giving those biceps a break

Happy at the top

All three routes are very good and recommendable, with Murciana feeling the as the most serious undertaking despite supposedly "easier" grades. The grades did not seem easy overall, but very fun overhanging climbing worth a visit.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Quick update

I haven't had much time for this blog lately, but climbing has been happening a bit. Here are a couple of updates with pictures. Mainly local climbing these days, a bit in France, a bit in Spain. Climbing overhangs has become a bit easier and more interesting. Below myself trying ATP, a 7c in Masriudoms cave close to Tarragona.

And from closer by:

And more climbing in Spain, from slabs in Col de Nargo:

While I train my back and prepare for the new season, I have to leave you with this - looking to the future, to the past, to life. Training the back muscles.

All pictures by Jonas.