Thursday, June 05, 2008

Travel Resume - France

France is a perfect destination for climbing, mountaineering or plain old tourism. Here is an attempt at a resume...

Pyrenees and South-West:
- Aguille d'Ansaberre climb
Gorges de la Jonte climbing
- Gorges du Tarn
Gorges de Cesse et de l'Aveyron (St. Antonin)
- Gorges de Lot (St Gery)
- Targassonne bouldering

Provence and more South:
- Aix en Provence tourism
- Buoux climbing
- Seynes climbing
- Provence visit 2009, Dentelles de Montmirail
- Verdon

Calanques climbing:
- First time with Gabe (traversée sans retour, la Candelle)
- Calanques with Alex (pour la mémoire de nos enfants)
Futurs Croulants, Devençon

Around Grenoble (Vercors, Ceuse etc):
- ice in Champseur near Gap;
- Mont Aiguille, Trois Becs, Ombleze
- Presles

- Ski touring Flaine and Fiz- Ski touring in Aiguilles Rouges around Mont Blanc;
- Ski touring Gervasutti and brêche Piseux;
- Fil a Plomb goulotte
- Envers des Aiguilles rock climbing in and again in 2009
- Gran Capucin, Adolphe Rey and Dent du Geant
- Brevent and Eperon Migot
- Lake Lemans

- Tours d'Arreau
- Gramusset
- Sapey
- Ice in Reposoir

- Cerces
- Tête d'Aval and Ponteil

Fontainebleau bouldering:
in winter and again
in autumn

- Windstein and Langenfels climbing
- Wachtfels, Ansberg and Kronthal

- Paris tourism
- Prevert minute

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Alex said...

A lot of writing - this might develop into a useful resourse, especially to climbers traveling to Europe (perhaps add material from your earlier reports?). Indeed, the Yosemite account seems to be written with usefulness in mind - with practical advice etc. In your European reports the info is much more sketchy (e.g. Presles - where is it on the map, how to get there, how tall, what type of climbs, where to sleep?). On the Nose - I guess one useful thing would be a comment on the general plan of the ascent. Your first two bivies where not in good places - was it a planning mistake (apparently you didn't fix ropes to the Sicle ledge the day before as most people do?) or where you prepared to sleep wherever, having a portaledge?