Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beth Rodden and Climbing

Beth Rodden and climbing...

Yes, injuries can break you - or make you stronger.  Learning more about your own body without destroying it in the process, searching for limits, but finding balance.  Live and learn.  Up and free.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Old projects in St Llorenc

Spring is upon us again, with its great temperatures, but also pollen ("why o why do those trees need sex?" copyright Jonas) and crazy rainfalls.  Spring also means going back to some old favorite crags - Pared Gran in Sant Llorenc is one of them.  Despite the tiresome approach, the climbing and the views are worth it.

Sunset over Montserrat, from La Mola

And old projects are still all there.  The other day I tried Rescate Emocional - the last move remains as painful, especially for the "little people," as ever.  Next, it was Dresden's turn - and the crux on this one remains - oh surprise - as small and filled with agony as ever as well.  Oh well, falling is as good for the psyche as anything.

Trying out Dresden

Unfortunately, this year I have to struggle with the fact of being much weaker than last year - but my body is not in rebellion against my soul anymore, so maybe some redpoints will follow.  Or not.  But those projects will stay - and maybe I will learn to wait in the shadows as well...

One way or another, thanks to Andreu for bolting this great line, and Xavi and Jonas for patiently belaying, taking all my whining, and even taking pictures!

All pictures courtesy of Jonas.