Monday, June 04, 2007

Ducasse in Mons

This is a special folklore party in Mons - Belgians do have incredible customs and their own way to party indeed! It all started in the beginning of the second Millennium, when a supposed dragon or crocodile ravaged the region and a brave Chevalier killed it. How from this legend do you get this?

Go figure. Nowhere else than in Belgium...A way for people to get crazy, mix St George in the matter to keep the inquisition happy and create a bunch of customs as good as any vulgar Romans or Greeks could imagine. A nowadays Chevalier kills the dragon with a pistol and thousands try to get a hair from its tail for good luck...

Go figure again. Afterwards the city is a mass as bad as a mass could be with piss and trash invading all the streets. Even in Paris after July 14th or in Southern France cities after the Corrida you won't find as much trash and piss in one place. Unesco heritage it is!

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