Monday, July 16, 2007

Escapade à Paris

Having to study part of the w-end, we spent the other part rollerblading through Paris. Certainly it had to be the hottest day of the year, but comebacks are fun anyway. No old friends were at RDV though - Place Royal seemed abandoned by the roller crowd, no turns or figures there.

Musée Quai Branly substituted for the negative surprise. It is a very nice building, i loved most its naturalistic aspect. Nature is successfully integrated into the whole. Maybe the collections are just a repetition of what the old Museum of Man had to offer, but the new setting make it all much more accessible to the general public. And the Tour Eiffel looks beautifully young from its padio. Welcome to the Paris jungle! A definite must on the unending list of Paris' museums.


Michel said...

I might be going in August, for a few days. Never been, so it could be fun. Unfortunately, I hear that France is full of French people, so that might be a problem.

uasunflower said...

Michel, i think august is the best time to get France full of not french people, at least in Paris - it's the official vacation month for the real paris tribe. You might only get the japs with cameras, the chinese getting the taste of it, the russian display of wealth, the american blabber and numerous other nations less conspicuous and numerous doing the same things and queuing for the same places under a torrid sun...Otherwise have a good trip!