Monday, October 22, 2007

Remembering old Days - Totoro!!!

Yes, i loved that anime and the song from it - and many other Miyazaki and Takahata creations. Probably the best one is the Grave of the Fireflies, i did cry watching it. So there.


Khrystia said...

At last i found someone that crazy about anime as I am!

Watched Totoro about a month ago, after which desperately want to own "catbus" :)
The last anime that I saw like a week ago is Tales from Earthsea, the favorite being Spirited Away

uasunflower said...

watched totoro a couple of years ago, but LOVED it anyway, anime are great! From Miyazaki i preferred Porco Rosso, it's one of his first ones, mix of jazz, aviation, Italy and pigs - imagine what that gives!