Monday, December 17, 2007

Fonti and Hot Wine

This cold w-end finally saw some traveling. Despite the freezing temps, i got hot wine mix in the shop, gathered around friends and made it to fonti with the team - Renaud, Paolo and Dave. Several european nations were represented, such as Belgium, Italy and England - not counting Scappi and Kangoo.

Climbing was also good - as long as we stayed in the sun. Here is Renaud working at a rather photogenic problem at Gorges des Chats (for chataignes trees, not the animal), just in front of the famous Rubis sur Ongle - which the boys also tried to not much avail this time.

And here is Paolo, the first day, at Roche aux Sabots. Can you tell the Italians aren't used to the cold? :
and Dave finally getting this 6b at Gorges des Chats:

Good times, will do again - and thanks to the team!

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