Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blue skies of Alsace

This w-end - incredible fourth w-end in a row of good weather - saw us back on the rocks, this time on the red sandstone of Vosges, little charming mountain chain in the Eastern France's Alsace. The blue skies were with us through the w-end, and the charm as well. Vosges hide around each corner - or should i say hill - romantic towers and old abandoned castles that invite exploration and send others on a climbing expedition. This is the old Petit Ansberg castle, climbing just below the base, top belay from the castle chambers!

Climbing is very good, far from polished belgian limestone. Sandstone is incredible, with little stone incrustations in places, in others with orange-white stripes, almost like Arizona's famous canyons. However the level is rather high, few things in the 6th grade, most of the fun is to be had at 6c and higher. We visited several areas, Wachtfels and Kronthal in addition to Ansberg, with good climbs at every place and a big wish to come back!

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