Thursday, April 03, 2008

Carpathians, my Home Mountains

I have always loved these mountains - they are my home mountains, that's where i grew up during numerous summers with my two grandmas, that's where i first realized what mountains are, how it smells in a huge and mysterious fur forest, how it feels being alone out there, and looking at the sun from closer-by.

They still are there, despite some changes, slow disappearance of cows and farming, birth and development of the tourist industry with its pleasant and abominable features. I still can see the starry sky from my grandma's porch - but only looking left, as to the right the big hotel complex Koryna keeps the Las Vegas lighting up and shows off its new buildings and tennis courts to the God's eye in the dark Hutsulske sky. (picture looking to the left side)

I visited my secret places, going for a walk each day and living through the winter and spring i got to experience on this trip in just a few days. I mainly tried to compensate for the lost time with my grandma, attempting to show her my love and understanding - then again, what can those few short minutes do to make up for the long and empty, cold and slow years of organized absence and abandonment?..Mountains will remain, humans should go.

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