Saturday, May 17, 2008

Galen Rowell Photography

While resting in Yosemite, we entered the Ansel Adams gallery, like any other tourist trap shop. However, this is one of those places worth a visit even if you do not have any pecuniary intentions. This gallery was founded in honor of a great American photographer/paysagiste Ansel Adams, his black and white shots are incredible, like this shot of Half Dome:

There are many other books on photography in this gallery, and that is how i stumbled upon Galen. He started as a climber in the Gold Rush of Yosemite (beginning of the 60ies), picked up a camera since, and never stopped exploring. He also set up the record for the oldest man to do the Nose in a day (57) ascent some time ago.

As Ansel Adams shots are speaking tons with their black and whites, Galen's pictures are inspiring by their bright colors, copied at nature's most infusing sights, during those rare seconds when it exposes itself to the eye, like a naked girl bathing under a hidden Hawaian waterfall:

It has been a pain to learn that he and his wife died in an airplane crush near Bishop coming home from Alaska in 2002. In today's incredible i-world, it is even possible to read the accident report written by NTSB about that accident online.... You can find more photographs at his Mountain Light website. Here is another one of Rowell's masterpieces:

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