Sunday, June 08, 2008

Têtes Raides and Dionysos

What unites Têtes Raides and Dionysos? Olivia Ruiz bien sûr!

The new album by Dionysos, Mecaniques du Coeur, very much inspired by Tim Burton's aesthetics, is telling the story of Little Jack and Miss Acacia, based on a script written by the lead singer, Mathias. It is said to soon become a movie with help from M. Besson (check here for more info). Their previous album, Monsters in Love, made me think of Behemoth from Master and Margarita. The new one develops the theme...To listen to some of their music, check myspace. Below is Candy Lady, a nice duo by Olivia and Mathias:

Banco is the new album by Têtes Raides, also with participation of Olivia. You can listen to some of their music on myspace, such as Explusez-moi or Banco. Plus Haut or Je Chante (video below) is their duo with Olivia, also surprisingly good!

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