Saturday, August 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home in Barcelona

I have moved again and now i am a proud renter of a home sweet home in the exciting city of barcelona! This is the view from my window:

The next step is to get a bike and get very strong on these hills!


kattagorri said...


How are you?I hope you feel better now.
I was quite surprised when I´ve read that you are in Barcelona!Are you going to stay for long?Barcelona is quite far from where I live but if you are thinking in going to climb somewhere closer to the Basque Country or mid Pyrenees, it would be great to meet you.
Welcome to Spain!

uasunflower said...

yup, going to study for my PhD, normally it should take around 4 years! Let me know if you come to Barca, and i will let you know if i´m closer to the basque country. estoy tan bien estudiando espanol y espero hablar en esta idioma contigo en el futuro!

Michel said...

So, where's the guest bedroom?
O, a donde la carreta de Miguel? (Or something like that)

uasunflower said...

You see that blue sofa in the right corner of the first pic? :) Come when ready, it is not in the center, but close to the Guell park and not too small!!! Now i just need to figure out how to get a wifi from someone...

Igor said...

Next trip I am going with you ( include me in your rockclimbing team, please), it will be more chipper and safe for me to climb with you, my dear daughter
( doesn't matter where you going Himalayas or Basque Country )

uasunflower said...

you are always welcome :)

kattagorri said...

How are you doing in Barcelona?Are you getting used to it?Do you manage with the language?I only want to tell you that if you need any help with whatever you need, you can contact me. When are you going to start with your PhD?I´ll let you know if I am around Barcelona and if you want to come to the Basque are wellcome!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hello Julia,
Nice flat. Are you far from the ESEI ?
We hope you will enjoy your stay.

uasunflower said...

Yves (Dieulesaint je suis pose) - thanks, i like it too :), it is 40 min by bus from my school.

kattagorri - thx for the offer, estoy estudiando espanol, espero poder hablar mas o menos bien y entender mejor en pocos meses. Mis classes van a empezar en el 15 de septiembre. Hasta luego!