Monday, September 22, 2008

Pedraforca, Pollego Infrerior

Next stop has been in the vicinity of Berga (very good pastry shop in the center square), - Pedraforca. It is one of those stand-alone wonders with breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys. Located near the village of Saldes, this mountain is very popular with hikers and mushroom-hunters as well, given that there is a welcoming refuge at around 15 min from the road.

We did not stay at the refuge, but only tried the Chors Pienque route on Cara Sur del Pollego Inferior. I say try because we only managed the first 4 pitches, all rather sustained friction climbing on slabby limestone and whimped out of the last 6c pitch.

We finished the day hiking up to the summit col and back down to the road.

The most picturesque Milka-cows were waiting for us to take a picture in the forest below:

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