Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh My Dear Ukraine

I have spent my Easter holidays in the long forgotten homeland. It greeted me with wonderful weather, warmer than my adopted Barcelona. The first day i strove through the familiar streets and took a couple of positive and negative shots. First, the spring view of renovated Lviv sights, the Korniakta tower on this one:

Next, the various restaurants and bars that have clustered the streets of my city in numerous, sometimes unexpected places. With the outside seating the city center looks very comfortable and welcoming, especially on the sunny days.

And some negative ones of the post-Soviet reality, this one of the garbage cans in front of my apartment building (in the fore-left is a hole in the road, marked with a rod for careful drivers to securely bypass)...

On a sidenote, my funniest experience in Ukraine has been listening to the news. Most of the stories were perfect humoristic ones - for example this is the list of news from one evening: a ship cannot get into port in Crimea since 4 months because it is caring stinking meat that none wants; 50 Indonesians living in Kiev are going to vote using their fingers and have even more parties to choose from than the ukrainians; a kindergarden that won a Leninist medal in the 1930ies is going to close because new elite is building apartment blocks on Kyiv´s hills with beautiful views on the river...Ukraine, eternal country of paradoxes! Here goes another shot from the entrance to the nicely restored Armenian church in Lviv, in the city center:

And finally our old but happy yellow house in the mountains:

The other upside of travelling is getting to see old friends, some of whom I have not seen for already...10 years! This is sad but true, time is passing relentlessly. Below Julia and Julia in London´s parks:

And Jenia in same London rambling:

And coffee lovers in Lviv´s Svit Kavu:

And several more that i forgot to take pictures of. Thanks for everyone who found time for me, coffee, conversation, and even a spare bed on occasion during this trip!


Michel said...

Wow, you look all grown up and everything.
For what it's worth, over the past few months, I've been seeing old (girl) friends that I haven't seen in nearly 20 years. It goes by quickly.

Alex said...

Have you seen this in your hometown: