Sunday, May 17, 2009

Camarasa, the New Infatuation

We went to Camarasa for sport climbing this w-end. I did not have many expectations, as we have driven past the spot, and I have wondered several times where the climbing could potentially be. But then again, by car, you quickly enter into a tunnel, and do not really realize what the whole canyon is about. Below is the view to the dam from the top sector of la Selva (there is a climber in the top right corner) :

Finally, this w-end we realized - and there goes my favorite sport-climbing destination in Cataluna so far (probably closely followed by La Mussara) - Camarasa the beautiful. Like many crags around here, it has undergone several waves of development, the most recent one by Albert Cortes and friends. They actually discovered two brand new sectors on the top part of the canyon, named Fashion and la Selva, that they cleaned from the bush, provided with a via ferrata access, and numerous bolts. Now there are about 250 fully bolted routes in Camarasa - and, as usual, no up-to-date guidebook. The place has been made popular by Escalar, Desnivel's magazine, with some high-profile pictures of high-profile Spanish climbers having fun with the rock there. A big thanks to Albert for showing us around - and, what's more, doing the hard and merciless work of crag development. Below, the team exploring the routes:

Below is the picture of one of the lower zones, La Pasarela, where you belay from the walkway along the lake over the dam, with water effects and cool exposure as your perks:

Down below, near the road, is another sector, where we started the experience of agujeros, the pocket world!

That's the story - and here are the pictures. First try that left a lot of good taste in my mouth. An upcoming visit has to happen soon!!! Here is the wanna-be sport climber in action:

Lastly, a view of another neighboring wall, Pared de Dol, an intriguing sign of the endless adventure land, the beautiful Cataluna en primavera! (most pictures by Chris and Cathy)

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