Monday, March 29, 2010

Kalymnos - First Days

The journey from Barcelona to Kalymnos has been a painful one and took us over 30 hours and all possible means of transport.  Due to some strange planning, we first flew to Dusseldorf, than to Athens, took a ferry to Kos island, than a small boat to Kalymnos, and a couple of taxis in between.  Tired but excited, we finally saw the island - from Kos, before taking the last boat:

Nevertheless, having left Barcelonan Saturday morning, we were already climbing by the afternoon of Sunday.  The happy crew sitting at Grande Grota, one of the most impressive and easily accessed sectors of the island, below - Pau, Ioulietta, Luis:

The climbing started strong, with a couple of warm-ups at Panorama, and then the end of the day at overhangs of Grande Grota on the left.  The overhangs and the tufas are just incredible.  Below is myself finishing the hard work on Trela, incredible 7a of 40 meters tufa pulling:

The sunset at Telendos to end the day:

To be continued...

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