Monday, April 05, 2010

Kalymnos - Last Days

Our journey through the rock walls of Kalymnos continued with more days, more sectors, and more routes.  After the impressive Cicati Cave, we spent another day at Ghost kitchen, where I managed to do the first 7a onsight of the trip - Axium, maybe an easy grading for once.  The other routes were not that easy though, and both 7a and 7b to the right of Axium remained only as tries, and routes worth coming back to.  Below myself working out the start of Thimari, supposedly 7a, but felt harder in the burning sun:

After a due rest day, we spent 2 days at Odyssey.  It is a less impressive sector, with more 'usual' limestone pockets - reminding me of Camarasa and my struggles with Maugli there last fall.  This time i struggled with another 7b that kept pushing me off, the Daphne.  A technical line on almost whitish stone, with good rests and slippery sections in between, it motivated me to give it 3 tries, despite the burning and crushing the route offered to my tired fingers.  Nevertheless, it went on the first try, next day, making it one and only project accomplished of this trip.  Below myself being lowered, Pau and Luis below, and the endless Greek islands in the background, picture by Ioulietta.

And an incredible picture of Pau (by Ioulietta, again and always) has to appear here as well.  He is climbing Amphora, 7b, another climb worth getting on soon before it gets too polished:

The last day of the trip we went to yet another sector - the powerful Spartacus.  Another cave, tufas were waiting there for us, to leave a good taste in the mouth and a strong desire to come back to this enchanting place, and maybe work Spartacus or Gladiator routes there.  Below myself on top of Amazonas tufa, hard for a 6c:

And i managed my best onsight of the trip - a real 7a this time, pumpy pockety Kerberus:

Kalymnos surprised me and went above my expectations in many ways - especially with the quality of routes, but also the beauty of the lanscape and the sea.  It was also much less commercial than i expected.  For instance, the approach and climbing at Cicati is very rewarding for the solitary ramblers looking for the wonders of this world.  Kalymnos also confirmed my change from an alpine to a pure sport climber - i realized how much i really enjoy this sport, pushing my limit on the rock.  Hopefully, i will come back - and thanks to the team for a great climbing vacation!!

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