Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Santa Linya

A little strange, surreal w/end full of rain, caves, mud, flowers, and spring sun.  Despite torrential rains, we were able to find a safe harbor on Saturday inside the Santa Linya cave - an impressive formation reminding one of Grande Grota in Kalymnos or Surgencias sector in Rodellar. 

Mark belaying infatiguable Ville on his (9th?) try of the day

The climbing itself is very powerful, bouldery, and basically hard.  Not my style at all, and bearing all the training in mind, I kept happily to the camera and took pictures rather than trash myself on the routes.  This place is definitely for another generation, but worth at least one visit for curiosity's sake.

The incredible cave of Santa Linya 

Second day finally brought the sunshine back to the thirsty, and we enjoyed it fully at Futbolin, more likeable sector with humane routes, orange coloring, and much less steepness.  Mark impressed us all almost flashing Opium, 7c, and I followed by redpointing, feeling strong and weightless on the slab despite days of intense training. 

 Myself on crux of Opium, picture by Philip

Thanks to Albert Cortes for equipping the route we all enjoyed, and many more in the area :)

The boys having fun on nearby 7a


TR said...

nice pics, good performance. You gotta start to try overhanged routes, you'll find new dimensions (*)!!!!

(*): it does not mean to forget wall beauties !!!!

uasunflower said...

yes, i know...making small steps at a time :)

uri said...

a mi esta cueva me da miedo... cuando sea mayor iré algun dia

uasunflower said...

si, uri, igual, a mi me parecio inhumana, otra dimension para mutantes...no se si yo algun dia sea bastante mayor para afrontar esto...