Friday, April 22, 2011

Another new guidebook

After the fabulously picturesque Lleida Climbs, the new Siurana, San Benet, and Rodellar guidebooks last year, 2011 seems to start as another promising year for Catalunya guidebooks - this time it is Joan Miquel Dalmau, the owner of Balco de la Luna shop in my home town of Monistrol de Montserrat, that has finished this superb 450-page guide, complete with photos and a very good map of the Agulles.  Even if you are used to navigating this complicated terrain, the guidebook is a gem to add to one's collection.  Moreover, it also includes the latest updated version of the sport climbing at Vermell de Xincarro and Desdentegada - so far no errors noticed during a quick inspection - Vianant remains at 7c+, Busca Brega at 7b+, Ultravox at 7c, Canela and Vox Populi lack their names, but proudly stand at 7b.  The Vermell part also includes (all?) the latest new routes opened by Piju n co' this winter-spring, such as Kurt Albert.  To be enjoyed and climbed without moderation!

It is also rumored that the latest Luichi guidebook, the new version of Cavallers happiness, is to be found in the shops very soon....!!! Let's see if the projects and routes climbed will keep their grades intact there - now that Smith Rock is downgraded to 7c+ in Lleida guidebook, I need some comforting or simply more training, protein, and campus-pills...

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