Friday, August 10, 2012

Nostalgic taste of the US

Going to the MFA in Boston has woken up my nostalgia, reminiscing in the impressionists room in front of the Renoir's Dance, Monet's Peupliers, and Degas's Little Dancer.

The new, as always, impregnates the old.  Thus, MFA has built a new wing of American Art in my absence, to now proudly display several works by Sargent and Whistler, among others.  There is this portrait of daughters of Edward Boit, inspired by Velasquez or Degas, and accompanied by real-size vases donated by the family, now actually present in the room.  Loneliness but also magic transpire through the picture and make it a memorable object in the collection at the first sight.

And then the Capri landscapes with Rosina, the all-time classics, as always, beautiful and full of movement.  Dance, now immortal Rosina, dance!

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