Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Old projects, new projects

So it goes, up and down, the climbing life.  Old projects get done, new ones appear.  Grades change - or don't.  Scenery varies - or does not.  People are the important ones, or maybe not.  Moves are the important ones, or maybe not.  Rope up, rope down.  Get the backpack and go.

Today Montserrat treated me with sympathy, an old chapter of the book got completed - I finally did Iaio-Iaio, a nemesis of mine from some time past.  I remember first trying it out with Pau and not being able to do the move at the first draw.  I remember falling off the crux on some other random day, in some other random company.  Fortunately, times have changed.

Here and there, bumble-beeing around.  Spent a day in Motgrony, where another old project, Angie, did not get sent - but was tried presumptuously by many and all.

Sunset in Montgrony

Another day was spent in Margalef, where I even forgot how to get to Espadellas, given how often I visit the crag these days.  Not convinced with the new extension of the infinite band of rock that is Espadellas, I follow Jonas on this one, and much prefer its neighbor on the other side of the mountain, the picturesque and breathtaking Siurana.

Margalef, Sunset
Sunset in Margalef

No project has been sent in Siurana - yet.  Time will come, time always comes.  Time changes, time flows, time is.  On the road, bumble-beeing to be continued.

Siurana de Prades and the moon landscape oriented
Sunset in Siurana

All pictures by Jonas.

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