Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Västerbotten Cheese Pie

Västerbotten is a Northern region of Sweden, meaning West Bothnia precisely, harboring the cities of Umeå and Skellefteå, but also home to the Västerbotten Cheese.  All of this region actually used to belong to Finland until 1808, when Swedish became (more) violent about their territorial rights.

1 pastry base (pate brisee)
3 eggs
150 ml cream
150 ml milk
200 gr grated Västerbotten cheese
1 onion and/or leak

This beauty is inspired by a Swedish recipe for Västerbotten Cheese Pie, with some French additions of mine: I start by frying the onion with leak and wine for a couple of minutes and pre-baking the crust.  As for any quiche, I mix eggs, cream, and milk (proportions of milk/cream can vary depending on how "fat" (=tasty) you want the pie to be).  Then I add the grated cheese and the salt, pour everything over the pre-baked crust covered with the pre-cooked onions, and have it all cooked for 25 minutes in the oven.  The result? Delicious!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds greedy... but where can I find Vasterbotten cheese? I live in Grenoble.
ps/your blog is great!

uasunflower said...

Hi Dubrock,
I get it from Sweden, not sure it's easily accessible in stores in France...it can be replaced with any strong cheese similar to Parmesan - but sure, it's not the same...