Monday, September 16, 2013

Finishing projects and moving on

And it has come to pass: another project is sent, accomplished, finished: a dissertation has been defended, a school has been changed, a city and a country abandoned, exchanged, switched, and forgotten. Time to move on, time to change, time to go. I celebrated, together with Catalunya, my own accomplishments. With confidence and eagerness, I defended my dissertation, the culminating result of the past five years of hard work, perspiration, and learning. 

I dedicated my dissertation to my parents, who opened the doors to education and otherwise inspire me continuously by their courage and commitment to a better life. I hope I have made them proud, at least for a short moment, at least I have tried my best.

Defending my dissertation

 Receiving last comments from the thesis committee

Done: please, call me Doctor!

Running in parallel to my own life events, Catalunya has been voicing its discontent, defending its own statements and desires, louder again during this ironic and iconic day of September 11th, the holiday in the province, celebrating defeat in 1714 of the last Catalan troops by the Spaniards. 

 Human chain in Barcelona

Catalans celebrated by joining hands across the shores of their beautiful homeland, in a movement that reminded me of Ukraine and Baltic states that had their own moment of human chains in the beginning of the 1990s. During those times, people were also full of enthusiasm and optimism in those far-away lands. Some moved west-ward, some...stagnated and turned around in a different direction. Apparently, I was also dragged to the streets by my parents, although I barely remember anything. 

And the big-picture view....

Good? Bad? Flag-waving disturbs me more than anything else, although I do sympathize with this land that has opened its arms and soul to me for a fleeting moment. Thank you for your generosity, Catalunya, and farewell.

Pictures by my mother.


Marcella K. Session said...

Great job which deserves a standing ovation. Accomplishing an extremely difficult task like dissertation writing is worth celebrating for. you can also consider giving some of your insights or thesis ideas to help struggling students move forward with their thesis work. All the best in your endeavors.

Anonymous said...

dn't knw anything bout Doctorates, but a long time ago, during ma lonely and longing ratz in Majorca, i usd to carry an ol MpTHREE tht smebody recovered ystrday from ma sold car.
The main theme I usd to lisn almost till xtasy was just the 1 i also shoud hang to this comment...Congtrats n good luck J, yo grew...

uasunflower said...

ha, i used to listen to this one in those old forgotten times

Anonymous said...

At least ol the finl rsults r d addition of oll dat mments

So whn u arrive smwhere is olwys after riding any way

Gud song n tims, no dubt

gut luck, traveller...

uasunflower said...

Now i listen to this

Anonymous said...

Obius, n biutiful at ol