Monday, November 05, 2007

Aravis - Pointe Percée, Gramusset

The second day, after a rather cold camping experience, saw us up la Pointe Percee, the highest peak in Aravis chain, at only 2750 meters, perfect for short autumn days. This is it - from the other side, at Doran village, as seen on the approach to Tours d'Areu the next day.

And this is it on the descent, the North Face. We climbed on the Gramusset side, you see it on the right of this photo, a 300m vertical wall going to the shoulder of the mountain. Mountaineering spirit being dead so far in our hearts, we concentrated only on climbing that short section.

The route, Partage du Monde, was beautiful and interesting, with both, slabs and overhangs, and even a cool crack on the pitch before last. Only 5 pitches, but combined with 2,5 hr of approach, this made up a rather good day out.

Here is the cool roof section in the beginning of the fourth pitch, a climb with a view!

Again, picture taking took up my time. This is Renaud on the descent again, close to the refuge, on this sea of limestone that reminds of a rocky glacier of sorts.

and this is me on the same limestone sea, looking the other way, towards the just climbed wall:

PS - some good info on this website about climbing around Haute Savoie.

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