Monday, November 05, 2007

Aravis - Sapey

To start the long w-end that we decided to spend in Aravis, the limestone mountain chain in front of Mont Blanc, we went to Sapey. Not having a topo, but only a print-out picture, the route finding with autumn mists was the crux. Thanks to some climbers in the area, we finally stumbled upon Extasy, our proposed route for the day, after long rambling around the base.

Rock is definitely awesome there, some super-high quality limestone with cannelures and unpolished gray madness of 200m of vertical fun. Incredible, especially for the last pitch, a place to go for limestone purists!

The whole w-end proved to be a very photogenic experience. My head did not exactly work well for leading, thus i concentrated on taking pictures. This one is from the rappel after Extasy

And this one the sunset (yes, days are pretty short now!) view over the main Aravis chain and Mont Blanc making its white spot behind there.

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