Monday, November 24, 2008

Montserrat - la Desdentegada

With many people involved in climbing this w-end, we explored the sector of Desdentegada (meaning without teeth) in Montserrat South sport climbing paradise. Some info (although in Catalan, and you have to have at least some idea about Montserrat to use it) is on OnaClimb, topos themselves are here when clicking on Montserrat map and going to Vermeil sector in the upper-left, as they are not available in the Montserrat South sport climbing guide in case you wondered...

(there is a climber in the middle of the pic above...this is actually on the opposite side from Desdentegada, at the Castells area i believe)

We managed several routes in both days, although not exploring all the potential of the sector. It boasts an exceptional 6c (#28 on the topo), and many long sustained face climbs from 6a to around 7a. It also is sunny most of the day, definitely a recommendable winter destination!

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