Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This w-end i treated myself to some long-needed climbing after the rain-induced hiatus of the previous week. The action took place on the tasty Siurana walls, where we not only checked out la Rambla, but also climbed a couple of neighboring routes while some Russians were cracking harder stuff - picture of one of the Russians on an impressive 7b below.

Siurana definitely has good routes, although we managed to also find rather scarecely bolted 6b to finish the day at Can Gan Dionis sector. The bad luck continued on during the second day in La Mussara, where we managed to

- get on a 5c that kicked my and Rodrigo´s butts on an unfortunate warm-up choice
- get on a 6a with 30-year old bolts
- get on another 6a the second part of which has fallen off, leaving a blank, unbolted wall

And all that after an almost sleepless night at the La Mussara Refuge - recommended for its good and plenty dinner, but where the good luck had 5 out of 10 people producing all kinds of strange noises during the whole night...

(Amador - has copies of Costa Brava and other topos in "otras zonas de escalada")

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