Monday, January 26, 2009

Classic Climbing W-End in Cataluña

First, we looked for ice. The plan was good, a 400-m ice fall with a respectful finish and inspiring name - Islantis in Val de Boi. Here is one of the protagonists, Jorge, contemplating in awe the plutonian idea of ICE:

The contingency of the environment proved us wrong though - after a rainy night, ice disappeared altogether from the Spanish territory and we were left with running water, fresh snow, and a wind storm...The valiant mountaineers became even more valiant and serious:

The mountaineering failure was successfully converted into a hiking and fighting exercise, although for once friendship prevailed:

To improve on the climbing failure, the second day was a compensation for the two remaining valiant mountaineers in a less valiant, but nevertheless climbing exercise, of sport clipping in Montserrat. The climbing paradise did not let us down:

In conclusion, it is all about how wisely you choose your objectives!


Xavi said...

Nice climbing at Montserrat (Cova de la Arcada)
But next time I hope we can find ice!!

uasunflower said...

yes, look hard and find us some ice! In the meantime i´m a rock-girl in the soul...

alexei said...

ice climbing is an exciting and entertaining sport - would this ever happen to your climbing shoes: