Monday, February 09, 2009

Montserrat, Paradise Close to Home

Finally some good climbing went on this w-end. We worked on some projects with Bienve on Saturday in freezing cold, and Sunday worked again, and still unsuccessfully on the same projects - here is me starting up the one, a very nice endurance 6c at Desdentegada. More i go there, more i like this place despite the cold, the approach, and the conglomerate - a very malelable rock indeed!

And here is a neophyte mastering his first 6a in 4 years! Good work and good sun with Gonzalo, the train-catcher!

Oh, and here is me and Jorge in my new glasses - and my new curly look that is leaving me already despite the high price of the hairdresser and the assurances of everlasting waterproof curly happiness...

Anyway, almendros are flowering, spring is here, and the strength is with us - my best climbing ever, onsighting a couple of my first 6cs, maybe that is why i like Montserrat so much lately :)
(thanks to Jorge for pictures!)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your first climbings!!!
It seems that you´re enjoying a lot your staying in Spain.
Have nice climbings as far as the weather helps...(it doesn´t here).


uasunflower said...

thx, kattagori, y tu que tal? ahora empiezo a hablar un poco el castellano y si que me gusta mas y mas estar aqui!