Monday, March 02, 2009

Col de Nargo

This w-end reminded us again we were still in winter, although it was its almost last day. Col de Nargo has mainly one-pitch routes, but it is a great setting for taking pictures. Here is the village of Col de Nargo itself below, with a not-to-miss climbing bar that holds topos of the surrounding Perles, roca Narieda, and Col de Nargo itself:

Here is Cathy still believing it is spring:

And Gonzalo showing us how it is done:

And me failing on another climb because not believing it is spring anymore:


Michel said...

Man, do I ever miss slabs. I seriously do. Long, runout slabs. Mmmm.

uasunflower said...

hmmm, i don´t ...actually i really really don´t!!!

Michel said...

Mmmm, nothing better than screaming calves, I say.

Alex said...

How many times I wished that spring wouldn't come - and this time for once it won't come! It's slowly getting cooler and drier here - going into the fall. Some leaves are already turning, and there's a hope that on the next climbing outing the main challenge won't be pushing and pulling our cars through the red mud. Your mouton is lost btw - good for him as I wouldn't want to take him to a place without spring and being stuffed in a box left at a friends' place wouldn't be much fun.