Friday, March 06, 2009

A Thought for the Mouton

A thought for the fox, baobabs, and the mouton.
Anyway, very nice online version when you need a break here.

An interesting information I was not aware of from the all-knowing Wiki:

"In March 2008, a former Luftwaffe pilot, 85-year-old Horst Rippert, told La Provence, a Marseille newspaper, that he engaged and downed a P-38 Lightning on July 31, 1944 in the area where Saint Exupéry's plane was found.[12][13][14] According to Rippert, he was on a reconnaissance mission over the Mediterranean sea when he saw a P-38 with a French emblem behind him near Toulon.[15] Rippert says he opened fire at the P-38, which crashed into the sea."....


Michel said...

This is what I'm reading to Luca when I'm trying to get him to go to sleep. In French, of course.

uasunflower said...

Do you know i learnt french reading that book? You are doing well :)!