Thursday, June 03, 2010

New Project - Vianant, Vermeil de Montserrat

I finally forced myself to get on the sharp end, and start leading the Vianant, my project at Vermeil de Montserrat.  And there was even a photographer around, immortalizing the day! :)  Starting up the hard 7a+ slab:

Traversing to the dynamic move, first crux:

Sticking the dyno on lead:

Going through the second crux:

Unfortunately I fell after the next move.  Now i only have to redpoint through the whole sequence and get to the chains.  I surprised myself with a pretty good first lead, after several top ropes and persisting nightmares about leading this monster.  Photos by Juanjo, thanks to Pau and Juanjo for encouragement, patience, and belays!!!


Marieta said...

this route is awesome, i want to do it someday too! :)

uasunflower said...

Yes, it is very good and worth it, dynamic, total Montserrat-style fun with some run-out easier terrain on top. Recommendable!!

retshi said...

Some trainings lead to better results...?

Keep on pushing, it's just a long-short way o the glory...

btw. You'd better show the pics fully rotated uspside down...or not...the second one shows a strange point of view!


TRanki said...

hahah...el JUANJO esta pillando una buena con el tema de las FOTOSSSS y el BELAYING...NICE PICS.

A muerte con la via y tírate al canto!!


uasunflower said...

siii, es un nuevo mundo fanatico para mi, y me gusta...!

j said...

Julia: Tráeme el material de hielo.
Juanjo: Ok, tranqui luego nos vemos y te lo doy.
Julia: Has dejado las cosas en el coche?
Juanjo: Ups!, mmm, estoo, me lo he dejado.

Suerte que las fotos que hize han quedado bien!!

uasunflower said...

Juanjo, tranki, no pasa nada, ya nos veremos 1 vez mas :)

Xavi said...

Poco a poco cada vez mas fuerte!!!

uasunflower said...

por el momento no he encadenado res, pero merci por los felicidades, Xavi...Via larga algun dia??

TR said...

juanjuuuuuutxxxx! Bowww. LA CÂMARA RECTAAAAAAAAAA !!!!

buah bow, amb lo que costa de penjar-se...aprofita i posa la camara rectaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

hehehe...bow ens veiem a la pXb...