Thursday, June 10, 2010

Readin' - Books of the Year

My second year of serious learning is coming again to its close.  Taking stock, my favorite books this year have been:

Nelson and Winter, "An Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change"
James March, "On Leadership"

And yes, surprisingly there are only 2 books, and not much to choose from.  One of the reasons might be the concentration on reading papers - only preparing for my exam i read 198 papers lately, and much less books.  Shamefully, it has been a very long while as well since i touched any crude or good novel.  Anyway, to compensate a little, my planned summer reading list includes the following:

Viviana Zelizer, "The Social Meaning of Money"
Stuart Kauffman, "At Home in the Universe"
Duncan Watts, "Six Degrees"
Holland, "Emergence"
Strogatz, "Synch"
Karl Weick, "Social Psychology of Organizing"


Laura said...

Uf, Julia!!
Unos títulos demasiado densos para mi biblioteca...

Ánimo para este fin de curso.. espero que no tengas demasiados exámenees!!

Hasta pronto!

Anonymous said...

good luck...!

uasunflower said...

@Laura - tengo 1, de dos dias, 10 horas cada dia :(, y si, me da 1 poco miedo todos estos titulos densos a vezes tambien...