Thursday, July 05, 2012

Photo-shoot at Senglar

Jaume who now also - and finally!!! - has his own blog, took me up on the proposal to have immortalized a little Senglar project of mine.  Thus, crazy people, we went up on the hottest day of this summer to shoot a couple of pictures for the project, como no!

But first things first, the first-ascensionist - all this would have been impossible without Kim Santacatalina.  Below, the main protagonists of the 20-year old story, in my more humble company:

I could not resist the temptation to fly up and down, once again, on this perfect route, the longstanding project of mine, which I still can hardly believe i managed to climb, the Sprint Final:


And down (Pedro's draw still holding the fall...)

And back up again (whatever way one can...)

And last but not least, Oriol, who belayed me on the red point, and also came up, as usual, taciturn and accommodating, the man of the mountain, if there ever was to be one.

Thank you all, my dear friends!!

All good pictures by Jaume, climbing by myself, and belaying by Oriol.


Marieta said...

oooh, qué envidia tu foto con Quim!!! me encanta :)

uasunflower said...

si, es bonissima, el Kim sale genial, merci guapa! :)

pedrogelida said...

no puedes separarte de l agulla he? la verdad, es que hay nostalgia de tantas y tantas tardes... muy buena la foto con quim el crack y seguramente de los mejores equipadores que tendra nunca la deportiva...gracias quim! por esas vias que nos has regalado a los escaladores.(aprovechando la ocasion..).pues nada deseando compartir cartel 1 tarde contigo,solo hay que coincidir, nos vemos julia!

uasunflower said...

Si, pedro, la tengo en la sangre, aun... el Kim es un gran hombre, y sus vias un encanto. Era un placer conocerlo y escalar sus vias, claro :)

Si, a ver si coincidimos algun dia, nadie asegura como tu, bou, ya sabes!

Anonymous said...

encadenada despues de 4500 pegues???ooohh, todo un exito,felicidades

que aburrimiento por dios

uasunflower said...

creo que era mas de 4500 ;)

pero te aseguro, me aburro bastante poco en mi vida, anonimo, y tu?

uri said...

lo de taciturno, lunatico i tarado lo acepto...pero eso de que el pedro asegura mejorrr..........eso ha dolido eh!

uasunflower said...

ok, uri, tienes razon en esto...tu tambien aseguras PERFECTAMENTE!!!!!

scumbnai 62 said...


L'avorriment és subjectiu i personal, si tens problemes busca't un hobby...

4.500, 8.000...I???

Els pegues NO són la mesura de la incapacitat (demostrada amb l'encadene, no??), SINÓ de la il.lusió , la paciència/persistència
i ( perquè no dir-ho!) la tossuderia...

Enhorabona i a la propera 4.499...i anar fent, no?

uasunflower said...

hahaha, what a nice meeting of anonymous on my blog, i feel finally honored, thank you!

The perpetual question remains, is the glass half-empty or half-full? Everyone decides for him/herself. Mine has been pretty empty for a while now.

Anyway, you all missed a point - Sprint has been a great occasion for me to write and have pictures taken, what more glory can one ask for?