Saturday, July 21, 2012

Picos de Europa

My first visit to Spain, 5 years ago, was actually on a climbing trip with the objective being to visit Mallos de Riglos and Picos de Europa, two very coveted objectives by long-route climbers, to the crowd of which I used to belong.  Although I managed to get as far as Riglos, Picos had to wait, and wait some more.

Maybe now the time has finally come to see the famous Naranjo by myself, and in nothing else than a Swedish company.  And not any company for that, it will be my pleasure to climb with Jonas Paulsson, the director of Crackoholic movie on Bohuslan climbing around Gothenburg, Joakim Söderström that I have seen on many a memorable fotos, such as this one by the other Jonas, and that has inspired my climbing on Gullknausen in Norway last year, and my friend Jonas Wiklund.

Let the adventure begin!


Michel Kleinjan said...

Nice to make a good effort to go to the Picos. Back in 1994 I was in that area to lead a search and rescue to a Dutch mountaineerer who was disappeared after leaving one of the great huts in the Picos. Even one day, after a drop off by helicopter together with the guardia civil I was was almost killed in a jeep accident. So, a lot of mixed memories on the Picos. I'll make a reconstruction of this bizar adventure and tell you all of it in Adrspach in September. For now, goodclimbing.

uasunflower said...

Thanks for sharing, although I don't think I'm going to Adrspach, maybe you are confusing me with someone else?..