Monday, October 29, 2012

Eye of the camera

When you cannot do business, teach.  When you cannot climb, take pictures.  That is what I have been dedicating myself to lately, taking pictures and enjoying the company of friends and new acquaintances.  It is time to find new ways to enjoy these beautiful places where I have spent days on end with my own illusions, project drive, living my dreams in vivo.  Now it is time to dream the life in pictures instead.

Geir Söderin onsighting Aonvolsina, 8b, in Tres Ponts

During the last couple of weeks I have managed to visit several of the places I have enjoyed climbing at so much in the past years, where I have so many projects left, so many dreams to dream.  Felt like a deja-vu, felt like a thanksgiving time. Felt also sad and melancholic for me, but exciting for my friends.

Yamada Wataru on el Deute, 8a+, Can Jorba (after onsighting Oriol and Martina near-by)

Watching Jimmy work Zona 0, Jonas figuring out  L'Escamarlat in Siurana, belaying below L'Any que be tambe at Gran Boveda, giving beta on Nidra at Tres Ponts or Oriol in Can Jorba.  Going up the ferata of Calavera with one hand.  Flashes of good and bad, in focus, and out of focus.  And only one thought turning rounds in my mind: will I be able to come back?  Will I be able to trust my body again?  So far the answer has been a resounding NO.  Taking pictures is soothing in a way, converting immaterial passion into something more tangible, a fickle representation in pixels and colors.

Jonas on Oriol, 7c+, Can Jorba

Now it is time to go for a run, forget and remember, run a little more.

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