Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Flying off an old project

Back to Siurana for some fun action in the wind, this time on an old project of mine, Muerte del Sponsor.  I have tried this route some time ago, and have been frustrated by the last reachy move on the roof.

 It is a very aesthetically pleasing line, and a very good and sustained route.  Although the small edges crux on the lower part has always been easy for me, getting over the last roof has remained the main problem.

In the middle of the route 

And there I was again, trying out my recently acquired strong head on this route.  But it was not to be. I did my best effort for the photographer, for the place, for me.  But flow abandoned me on that last move, once more.

 Just before the move

Touched the last hold...and then...I fell :)

Markus on the same route, another post-card perfect picture of Siurana

All pictures by Jonas, taken from the ledge to the right of the route.


Anonymous said...

Nice to know you are climbing again.


uasunflower said...

:) working on it...