Sunday, January 27, 2013

Siurana Times

Can Piqui Pugui

Finally beautiful weather has come to our corner of the universe, and let us climb a little, and play with the camera a lot.  Where better than at the old-time-favorite piece of rock in Siurana?

Finland: Ville starting up on Siouxie, 7c+ 

Several old friends, mostly from Northern parts of Europe, were around to climb, enjoy, and pose for the pictures.  Finland, Sweden, Belgium, France, and Poland were all well-represented, not to count all my own mixed nationalities that could be added to the mix.

Finland: Ville higher up on Siouxie

Finland: Markus starting up El Premio, 7b+

Findland: Markus higher up on El Premio

Sweden: Jonas crossing over on Siouxie, 7c+

 Finland and Sweden in talks

Belgium: beautiful and proud Mich showing how it's done on el Iogurin crack, 7a

 France: Marc Le Menestrel enjoying the flow in the distance

 Poland: Paolina on Toca-me-la-Sam, 6c+

  And more action from team Poland on el Iogurin

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