Thursday, May 31, 2007

El reino de los Mallos de Riglos ***

Looking for a friendly kingdom to visit for a couple of days? Here is a plan for you :

This is a kingdom of an old old king that decided to live in the mountains to escape his enemies and keep his faith. But most of all he enjoyed looking at the towers from his palace - the angry birds flew around them, but sun peacefully washed the hatred away each morning, and the river made things smooth and cozy. One day, the kind died, the queen went away, the ruins and the towers stayed.

Than a thousand years later, climbers showed up. They looked up the towers with the same eyes as did the king. But they had equipment, prowess and a daring mind. Thus the place went crazy, and now you not only see birds, sun and river play games with the stoned giants, but also white lines through overhangs that make for a surreal impression from afar, and prove to be chalk from close-by. Yes, this is a crazy overhanging multi-pitch jug-hauling climber's paradise. Slowly loosing the wild feel, Riglos village is getting more traffic and some boring construction sights - go there while the magic is still around and maybe you will meet the king in some abstruse and humid crack or chimney gaping out at you in wonder.

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