Friday, May 04, 2007

Hopper and an Art minute

Another American influenced by Europe but back to create his own world. Solitude and civilization be its name.


Gosn said...

If you like Hopper, see also Jan Fabre at the Louvre from 04-11-2008 to 07-07-2008.
Following upon the successes of the first three editions of Counterpoint, the Louvre continues to pursue its policy of openness to contemporary art and living artists by extending an invitation this spring to Jan Fabre.

Alex said...

Paintings you selected here are nice, but seeing a large exhibit of his works wasn't too inspiring. Infinite houses (and lighthouses), empty interiors, lifeless figures of people. Some of the early works are different (e.g. Summer interior - "european influence" all right). And there was one house i really liked, New England Van Gogh-style:
i even bought a postcard with it (which will never be sent)