Sunday, October 25, 2009

Autumn colors in Montgrony

Autumn is on the road and in the mountains - and we are still climbing, the cycle of life! 

This was actually my fourth day of climbing, after a disastrous start in Calders on Thursday, where Salva and i tried to hide from the rain, and had to give up rather quickly; another painful try at the Policieros Friday night at Montserrat's Secretivo with another fanatic, Joan; a visit to Agulla del Senglar in Montserrat where i tried Discordia to no avail - although with a courageous lead of the first part up to the scary traverse left; and a finale at Montgrony on Sunday. 

Below is the Sunday climbing crew - Ester, Joan, Tranki and Vichenso enjoying the moment:

I finally got my objectives donw, and went for an awesome 7a, that was finally sent with some help from tick marks and long slings on every draw.  Tranki flew up the 8a project of his:

And fell down it as well with still ominous skies above scaring us with occasional rain drops:

The scenery was too good of a setting for this warm autumn day, i can't resist uploading one more picture, same climb, same man:


TR said...

Hey J....perfect day... perfect quiche "lorraine" ( ¿?) idea where did this word came from...but i had it into my mind...

Congrats 4 your TITANIC fight against fright and tireness in "MASSA VELL PER MORIR JOVE" (7a)...this is the name of da route you redpointed...

hahah...your sight after fail the first time told me you needed to attack again...sorry 4 the bad advice...better with draws and tips isn't it?

keep pushing warrior girl!!!

uasunflower said...

I have an innate need to get the Massa routes right! Apparently only possible with your help, TR tr tr trrrr!

TRanki said...

just apparently...

Let your force get trough positive feelings, need not aid, just collaboration (aka sinergy?), or friendship...but the answer is inside yourself!!

You can...get them!

btw. Writing sounds is not the same than sing's your challenge!!! MAybe harder than a 5.15?