Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Rambles around Chamonix II

Rambles in pictures.

Leading away, Bienvenue au George V, 1ere Pointe de Nantillon, awesome picture by Xavi:

Trio on the summit, Marcal, Xavi, and myself:

Marc the mountaineer on the ridge (not looking down!!!):

Crux traverse of Fin du Babylone, Brevent, Marc daring the rain:

Some objectives remaining - Rognon du Plan Inferier, head-on view on American Beauty (or time to train hard again...):


Laura said...


La primera foto es genial!!

Y la arista de nieve da un poco de miedo, no?....

Que mala suerte el tiempo... Otra vez podreis hacer más cosas.

Un saludo!

nodes said...

Take care with the rope between the left leg in the first pic. Especially with the high chute factor in that situation.

¿Think i can recognize a stolen carabiner-extension?

Really very good pic at all!

AM said...

what ridge is that?

Xavi said...

Not looking down???

Nice routes!!

uasunflower said...

@Laura - si, Xavi a vezes hace fotos muy buenas!

@nodes - i don't think i have many more stolen biners, which one are you talking about??

@AM - Midi-Plan

@Xavi - never look down! also, maybe have you seen my super-reverso-copying belay device + your biner?