Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Exploring Leman Lake

First post of 2008! Happy new commencing year to you all!

We spent the last day of 2007 exploring Lake Leman as the skiing spree touched its end. Two interesting towns - Thonon-les-bains and Evian-les-bains on the French side looked like tourist traps for the summer - and were deliciously abandoned this time of the year. Thonon also harbored more Boulangerie per person than i've ever seen before. And good ones with fresh macarons!

These are boats, mountains and water of Lake Leman at the little port of Thonan.

And here is the old fishing port in the same vicinity. Commercial fishing (mainly of Perche) is practically dead in Lake Leman due to pollution. However during summer hundreds of tourists practice fishing, and now that pollution has apparently went down a bit, it is very popular.

The view on the same port from above:

And the last sight of the day - Mont Saleve, only 1300m, but with beautiful views of Geneva on one side - and Month Blanc on the other.

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