Monday, January 28, 2008

Titlis Tour

Skiing adventures this w-end took us to Engelberg, the monestary town, in the middle of this small, hilly country that is Switzerland. Perfect two-day tour around Titlis, little known, but stunningly beautiful mountain - glaciated on one side, where Engelberg lifts are, dolomite-toweresque on the other:

The tour is an upside-down kind, first it took us to Titlis's summit, an easy 200m walk up from the top of the lifts, and than down to the valley on its other side, a more technical undertaking requiring a couple of rapps. Approaching the first rappel station, limestone peaks look very much like the Canadian Rockies. We are on our way down to the Wenden valley, where the famous summer climbing destination, Wendenstock, is.

Usually this tour is done in a day, but as we wanted to make last the pleasure, we continued up and down to the SustliHutte, boys running up Grassen summit, and myself following the arretes to the col. Good swiss hutte, welcoming as always - although gas was not working, we had to do the cooking over the wooden stove.

The second day we went up the col opposite to the hut, with a stunning view of the Sustenpass - here is myself approaching the windy top of the pass:

And finally the fun descent down to Engelberg, illustrated by Olov's prowess, the Swede showing us how it's done: Ready!

Steady, GO!!!

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wow! that looks steeeeeep! good to see you're wearing the right hat for the undertaking ;)

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