Sunday, January 06, 2008

Museum spree - Prado 1

I not only took care of tourism on the streets, i also went to the museums. And so it happened that Prado was the first. Oh my, it's been a while since i have been impressed by a museum...maybe British Museum? or National Gallery in DC? (hmm that by itself is a frightening thought) Not sure anymore, but Prado is more than one can wish for - and take in one day...What can i say - it does stand up to its reputation and has to be seen! That Habsburg family knew how to make art collections - even if they forgot how to find spouses of fresh blood to preserve their kin.

Whom should i start with? This one from the master Goya, incredible, stunning light, and oh so strong after all the imperial royal family depictions! Guernica´s predecessor by spirit...

Another jewel - alone from this master in the exhibits, but so full of him - Zaskia as Artemis, by Rembradt van Rijn - Jewish queen in this Catholic kingdom - kingdom that chased them all away the same year it 'discovered' the New World and conquered Boabdil's Granada...And isn't it the master himself, contemplating the visitor from behind the queen's shoulder, less proud than Velasques on the Menines near-by, but not less talented!

And Bosch that despite age and the absence of any Renaissance tricks holds most visitors' attention pretty well and long with his Garden of Pleasures. If he lived today, he wold have been a perfect sci-fi manga painter - or writer! Here is a detail, but you have to see it all to believe it! Strawberries, dressed up pigs, hellish machines and cut-off ears, not to mention what looks like Dali-style eggs...All that in the 15th century, and held in high esteem on the wall of his own prudish Escorial by Felippe II...See here for more details on the tryptic.

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