Monday, September 24, 2007

End of Canada Trip - Random Thoughts

Here i am, spending my last day cragging at Heart Creek with some Islanders that are not afraid of the cold, and compare it rather to their summer. Weather is gorgeous and my heart aches to leave this place. Some random thoughts/information follow to keep the memory working:

- Best coffee place around Vancouver - Gallilleo, just before Squamish, very good crumbles too! Best dinner place in Squamish - the Watershed Grill, good Thai salad.

- Best coffee around the Rockies - Lake Louise's Trailhead Caffee, with the best breakfast bagel i've tried on this trip - home-made omlette with vegetables and all, mmm, too good!

- My self-made favorite camping breakfast in Canada - cereals + oats (variety mix) with blueberries and maple syrop.

- Record partner non-show-up on this trip a) Kyle b) Jesse c) Adrienne who managed to not show up at the gym! All three without any warning before/after. People, you should learn some manners...

- Useful Canadian websites:
Weather -
Squamish partners forum -
Canmore/Canada partners forum -
More partners forums -
Topos Rockies -
Personal appreciation -
Conditions from the Guides -
Alpine Club, huts -
Avalanche Conditions -

- Thank you to everyone who has been nice to me (apparently a Canadian quality, based on Fergusen's book "Why I hate Canadians", interesting book btw), has shared a rope or offered beta or a couch to sleep on - i.e. Mica, Scotty, Brian, David & Emily.

- A random story I heard from the Islanders - during the 19th century, when trying to connect Europe to the US, after several months of prepation and setting up the cable through the Atlantic Ocean, just before reaching NYC, the cable setters...dropped the cable!


Alex said...

i'm astonished to hear you complain about other people's manners.

uasunflower said...

i'm astonished you should be reading my blog.

Alex said...

Why shouldn't i be reading your Rockies reports?? You know that we were there around the same time.. missed a chance to have a breakfast in your trailhead cafe (went to the bakery next door instead).
Hey, if even people pictured in your blog aren't supposed to read it, why make it publicly accessible :)
Sorry for the criticism.. perhaps my comment was too harsh. You know what i mean though: if you put people's names up on the web, make sure that you hold yourself to a high standard.
Anyway, it's nice to see that you added thanks to your partners. And here's a very useful website with Rockies climbing conditions:


uasunflower said...

i am expressing astonishment, far from denying your right to publicly accessible fun fun fun i-world.

Anonymous said...


alexei said...

You knew very well i read your blog. The phrase "i'm surprised you should be doing this" is normally used to express disapproval. I'm happy if you didn't mean that :-)