Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tourism - Vancouver, Victoria, the Island

Being out of partners, sick of the campground and near the end of my trip, i escaped Squamish for some sightseeing activity with an expensive rental car. It was well worth it though, as the area around Vancouver is definitely one of the most interesting and beautiful ones i have seen in Canada (behind the Rockies though - but those are mountains - my playground).

This is a shot from Vancouver's copy of New York - not bad, and not far from the East side, an interesting hike to say the least.

And this Victoria, jewel of the Vancouver island, and the oldest city in Canada, from what the guidebook pretends. The port is not only home to boats, but also to water plains, that spit out business people into the dock and are very photogenic animals as a free by-product.

The promenade along the harbour is, like Canadians around here love to say, 'wicked' and offers several photo opps. MMM, becoming a full-time traveller and photographer doesn't sound like such a bad idea at times.

On my quick tour of the island i had to go back just after one day and only one stop at French beach (and no whales). These are the last shots of a less touristy port of Nanaimo, from where the Ferry leaves to Horseshoe bay. The ferry rides, by the way, are very pictoresque and make up for all the cruises i have not taken. Although not passionate about the sea, i can understand how one could be, especially when living around Vancouver.

Sea from another harbour walk, towards Nanaimo's Arts district (a disaster this time, not much to visit there).

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nice to read your blog and happy to know you were in Vancouver - the city from my dreams... yeah