Monday, September 10, 2007

Up Mount Louis

Mount Louis was on my list - a very beautiful mountain one notices first on the way from Canmore to Banff. As all big rocks in the Rockies, it does have an approach - 1.5 hr says Dougherty guidebook , but again that guy must have forgotten his watch each time he was doing his hikes.

Anyway, these are the conditions we encountered - first snow for me, a beautiful morning!

And this is the mountain. Unfortunately i-cafe doesn't allow me to turn pictures, so let your imagination work! (EDITED - problem corrected :)

We did the Gmoser route up, a long long route with a crux at 5.8 and the Perrain variation on the top. Routefinding on loose limestone sucked though, even to find the start of the route we spent 1h... Summit reached, but not too many good impressions from the route. This mountain needs more modern developments, i.e. on the diamond-shaped face...

Here's the last picture from the descent - the most interesting part of the route. Big walls around there, awaiting someone with a drill and an imagination streak. Cold though!!!

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maybe your camera can turn the pics ;-)

Ellen said...

Well said.