Saturday, September 08, 2007

Rest day - Hot springs!!!

My new discovery today are the hot springs. Nothing like it for a rainy rest day in the mountains. My only wish was for it to snow while lying in the 40-degree water outside. Not bad at all - and apparently there are lots of these across Alberta and BC. I wish i were here in winter to enjoy a long day of ice climbing with a hot springs end! Recommended address here.

Oh, and not that recommended - we spent the whole day yesterday trying to locate Bastille, a supposedly new nice 8-pitch climb on Tunnel Mountain in the backwaters of Banff. We finally finished the day cragging instead and still have no idea where that climb is. That much for the Sport climbing in Bow Valley topo and the Tabvar printouts. For all route setters - please please, try to make sense for other people than yourselves when creating those topos... Alpine climbing by Dougherty is not much better - not only it lacks any approach maps, it doesn't even state times for hut approaches (i.e. Castle mountain...)

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